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At Purple Pear Property Services we love cleaning! Purple Pear offers the full range of commercial cleaning services to clients in a wide variety of industries including large corporate offices, small offices, warehousing facilities, health facilities and food handling premises.

We specialise is all aspects of commercial cleaning, including general facility cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, hard floor cleaning as well as floor stripping and resealing. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards in cleaning and exceeding the expectations of our clients.

At Purple Pear, we use advanced equipment and full accredited cleaning products to fulfil the specific needs of our clients in various sectors, all at competitive, cost effective rates.

Whether you need frequent cleaning (for example on a daily basis) or less frequent cleaning, including weekly services or even monthly, quarterly or annual cleaning we are well placed to meet your specific needs.

Even one off or specialty cleaning is no problem for the highly qualified staff at Purple Pear. Purple Pear’s competitors are green with envy at our high standards, cost effective rates and long term relationships with our clients.

To discuss your specific requirements or to book our cleaning services for your commercial facility, contact Purple Pear now.